Round 1 Match 9 and 10

Polls Closed

Just as planned 52% vs 48% Moe Check!

Rainbowsphere 45% vs 55% JanaiBlog

Just as Planned and JanaiBlog advance to the next round

Tomorrow: Canne’s anime review blog vs Colony Drop and Beta-Waffle vs bananaMuffin


11 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 9 and 10

    • Poking a dead body is far from entertaining especially if he somehow reponded! >_<

      (Not that I think he is actually dead…and yes, despite everything, I voted for him.)

  1. Too much scrolling to get between posts on JAP IMO, and the bloated pics are constantly drawing my attention away from the small post titles. But the non-episodic content is nice o/

    Moe Check’s sidebar gave me a headache.

    Shance has interesting posts but I had to drop his blog from my reader when he made that 300% NSFW post ;-;

  2. Went with Just as Planned as I liked his writing style and all the cuteness on Moe Check made me feel like I was developing cavities.

    The went for Janaiblog as I like the content, although Rainbowsphere is a much nicer looking site.

  3. Come back, Shance! Voted Rainbowsphere over Janai because I prefer Shance’s content.

    I’m not familiar with the other two at all…hrm.

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