Round 1 Match 7 and 8

Polls Closed

A Product of Wasted Time 41% vs 59% chaostangent

見ないで! ひとり言 49% vs 51% Caraniel’s Ramblings

chaostangent and Caraniel’s Ramblings advance to the next round

Tomorrow: Just as planned vs Moe Check! and Rainbowsphere vs JanaiBlog


32 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 7 and 8

  1. The short version of my thoughts today:

    chaostangent ended up winning it because of slightly better content, and an innovative site design (that actually works!)

    Otherwise, I went with 見ないで! ひとり言, but just barely. I think it had more to do with what I didn’t like about CR than what I liked about 見ないで! ひとり言.

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  3. Chaos Tangent has proved my point from 2 posts ago – notice how the site only does 3 ep first-impressions and season reviews? This is the perfect system for ‘introducing watchers’ – you’ve got the beginning of the season to decide if you want to follow a show, and then the series review for those who hold out. I feel like this blog is single-handedly proving the uselessness of episodic blogs, and plus I really like it’s unique and interesting design, so it gets my vote.

    Meanwhile I had never read Caraniel’s Ramblings, and the site is a bit interesting, mixing episodics with other stuff, which is JPhinano does to. I really don’t *like* hinano, but jp’s ‘what I was forced to watch this week’ is always pretty fun and draws some attention to shows that time mostly forgot. Overall, I don’t think either blog is bad, though I probably wouldn’t read either of them. I’m tempted to vota Caraniel just to vote underdog, but maybe I’ll give this one more thought and vote later.

    • “This is the perfect system for ‘introducing watchers’”

      Assuming that viewer wants to wait almost a month into a new season to find out what a particular show is all about.

      • Good point, all the important stuff that anyone wants to talk about happens in the first 3 episodes, and no series ever gets better or worse after the first 3 episodes. Everyone who watches an anime series talks about it for 3 weeks, then has nothing to say about the show until it wraps up 23 weeks later!

      • You don’t seem to be following me. I am trying to say that episodic blogging does not work as a way of introducing someone to a show, as someone put forth in response to my other rant.

        Episodic blogs are worthless for a whole slew of other reasons that I covered in the last rant.

      • I went back and read your rant, and I still think you’re wrong. Have you never been swept up in a series and eager to discuss it as events unfold? Have you never seen eager fans debating a twist in the middle of the season and been intrigued about why they were so enthusiastic?

        Also, the idea of saving all series analysis until the end of the show is just ridiculous. I think I recall reading one of your posts about this subject and coming to the conclusion that you cannot handle suspense or not knowing exactly how things are going to play out.

        Your rant also makes the assumption that no episodic blogs ever add anything new to discussion. I guess you briefly skimmed some boring episodic blogs and decided they must all be useless. This is absurd and is similar to saying that because Steve Nash sucks at defense, all point guards suck at defense (and that point guards are useless for setting up plays except in the first three minutes or at the end of games).

      • I know there are such things as good episodic posts – I’ve made them, myself. However, I’ve never seen good episodic posts come out of a purely episodic blog. Your blog, for instance, I have never been enticed by a post I’ve read there.

        Maybe it’s just me, hey. I’ve been perplexed by this ever since I used to go on forums and could never keep up with a show enough to participate in teh threads. I mean, the discussion is always the same shit, and it’s all just ‘here’s my opinion’ ‘here’s mine’ and I just don’t give a fuck about peoples’ opinions about shows. I want to read something that might actually matter to me.

      • Hasn’t the whole episodic vs editorial thing been done to death before?

        Digiboy, if episodics are so useless then why do people read them and write them? Your rant comes from people reviewing an episode, but that’s a hell of a lot different from discussing an episode which is what most episodic posts do.

        Hmmm, I’ll use a real life example. I read Unmei Kaihen and Mecha Guignol Durarara posts. Each person takes an angle from which to write about the latest episode and discuss certain elements of what they liked and so on. The only difference is one titles the post ‘Durarara episode X’ and the other doesn’t.

        Basically what I’m saying is an episodic blog isn’t any different from an editorial blog. They just happen to use the latest episode of a currently airing anime as the medium to discuss with

      • Scamp, I’m not saying anything about episodics vs. editorials; I’m just saying that Digiboy is wrong about episodics being useless.

        Digiboy, we are going to have to agree to disagree since to me your reasoning is the same as a person who hates the book club because he couldn’t keep up with the assignments.

      • Not everyone watches anime at the rate at which it comes out, and even if 3-episode reviews come out a month after a show airs, there’s nothing stopping a person one or two years later from reading it and influencing their decision whether or not to check out a new show.

        I know it’s great to experience an anime with everyone else online, but consider the fact that there are anime fans beyond that.

      • For me, saying “episodic blogs are useless” is like saying “fast food is useless” – Sure, it may not give you hours of enjoyment like a three-course meal at a swish restaurant, but sometimes people just want something quick yet fulfilling.

        On a personal level, my ‘blog came about purely from the fact that I have nobody near me in real life to watch anime with, nobody I can turn to after an episode and ask “what did you make of that?” while versing my own opinions in the way most people do when they walk out of a cinema with a friend/girlfriend/whoever after going to watch a movie. Seeing as half of the pleasure of any cultural medium is its discussion and deconstruction, my ‘blog fills that gap for me, and hopefully for other people.

        My site might only be a fish and chip shop in the grand scheme of things, but I like dishing out them small fries.

    • Personally, I don’t see much point in episodics.

      But I think it’s mostly a basis of how you like to distribute your time. If you think it’s a waste of time spending 10min reading/writing/discussing a post over a single episode of anime, then obviously it’s not for you. I know I’d prefer to just move on to the next episode.

      But some people like that. Trying to argue that episodics are a waste of time is akin to arguing that Germany has a better culture than France. Lul opinions.

  4. I voted for chaostangent too – At the moment it’s one of those weird ‘blogs where I don’t necessarily agree with any of his opinions on current shows (Angel Beats aside), yet I still enjoy reading his take on the series (which is very well written and presented, incidentally).

    My other pick was Caraniel’s Ramblings, I just enjoyed browsing through it more essentially.

  5. Chaostringent is on my reader. And I prefer it in my reader since that magazine look just doesn’t do anything for me, with the whole quote highlight etc etc. It feels like it was written as a form of resume padding, but it tend to be a nice read.

    見ないで! ひとり言 is on my reader also. But I guess JP is on a non-posting streak lately.

    Product of Wasted Time pretty much sealed it for me when it mentioned Angel Beats 3 was the worse out of 3 episodes. I lol’d. Guess not gonna vote for it.

  6. PoWT vs chaostangent is the hardest choice to date but I went with the latter in the end. He’s a bit tl;dr but it’s generally quite interesting to read.

  7. chaostangent did it for me. I think I was wooed by the design…

    Gave my vote to caraniel because I haven’t been reading much from JPHinano lately and I liked the start of the Top 10 shounen list.

  8. I always find amusing Chaosagent posts. I know that his writing may be confusing at times but I like to read what he posts even though I don’t always agree with what he is saying.

  9. I went with ‘A Product of Wasted Time’ in the end, as I’m enjoying reading the manga posts… was a close call though, Chaostangent’s design is really nice and the posts are interesting.

    I’m finding reading the feedback really beneficial since I’m often clueless about what I want to write about. Also honestly shocked that I’m edging out 見ないで! ひとり言 since I love their blog!

  10. I’ve been ambivalent about commenting so far as I wouldn’t want to prime anybody’s opinion when the contest is about the blogs as much as the authors.

    Like Caraniel says, the feedback is brilliant and while I’d love to respond to everybody’s points individually, this isn’t really the place for it.

    Suffice to say I’ve been enjoying the tournament tremendously so far and hope that interest doesn’t wane as the first round continues; although I’m sure once the more popular blogs weigh in there will be plenty of good discussion.

  11. Chaostangent had interesting style and look that immediately made me interested to know more. His 3 episode taste test was nice.

  12. Chaostangent is awesome. I don’t read it regularly because anything resembling episodics make me skim unconsciously, but he’s a good enough writer that I’d actually trust his opinion if I ever get around to reading a post from beginning to end. That kinda came out wrong, but it’s a compliment anyway.

    I’m kinda surprised that JP and Hinano aren’t getting more votes. I guess it doesn’t help that their styles are completely different, but I for one find JP’s “what I was forced to watch this week” posts to be quite enlightening (or maybe my opinion is coloured from those random GRSI bankai threads :P)

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