Round 1 Match 5 and 6

Closed polls

Open Your Mind 58% vs 42% Hyper Parfait

Grand Punk Railroad 26% vs 74% 2-D Teleidoscope

Open your Mind and 2-D Teleidoscope advance to the next round

Tomorrow: A Product of Wasted Time vs chaostangent and 見ないで! ひとり言 vs Caraniel’s Ramblings


37 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 5 and 6

  1. My quick evaluation:

    While I think Open Your Mind has a better design, there just didn’t seem to be much “there” there, so I went with Hyper Parfait.

    My issue with GPR is this…even before they came back from hiatus, they had 5 posts in about 3 1/2 months. That’s not a lot. While I liked much of what I saw, it’s hard for me to vote for a blog that posts so infrequently.

      • I don’t know anyone from the blog, so I went based off design and content. The blog does have really good content, and the only downside is the design.

        I’ve yet to do my vote, so I guess I’ll wait a few days more before I throw my votes up. After all, vote’s open for a week! :x.

      • Ahahaha! Actually in the process of fixing that… ^^; We’re already working on it for quite a while but hhhmmm…. I don’t think it could be finished anytime soon… at least not that soon x_x

  2. I had to vote Open Your Mind because I could not even read Hyper Parfait. The blog design is impossible, and the text is tiny on a horrible background… and the content didn’t interest me much. I like the author and all, but I couldn’t read the site.

    I might have abstained on the basis of Open Your Mind being episodic, but some of the jokes he tops posts with made me giggle so I gave it a vote.

    The other poll is the easiest decision I’ve ever made in my life. 2DT is my favorite blogger on the scene right now by far, and I can’t stand Omysith. Best vote I ever made.

  3. Voted Hyper Parfait because she once posted an interview by the Eden of the East director and voice actors. Also because Open your Mind has panties in the banner and that always makes me have to look behind me to makes sure nobody is watching me look anime pr0n.

    Voted 2DT in the other because her depth of knowledge constantly amazes me. The women bloody replied to me comment in Irish once!

  4. I was both annoyed and enthranced by everything hyper on Hyper Parfait. It has an outragious maid café atmosphere and seems a fun place if you don’t take it too seriously.

  5. Nothing against Grand Punk Railroad (which seems like a nice blog), but since 2-D Teleidoscope is one of my favorite blogs, and 2DT is also a friend of mine from college, how could I not vote for him?

    I like Open Your Mind and Hyper Parfait pretty equally, but I finally went with the former because I like the concise episodic posts (and for some reason the heavy layout on the latter was overloading my old computer).

  6. I went with Open Your Mind for the first vote. I like how the posts only have a brief thought or highlight for each episode. Hyper Parfait also needs a bit of retooling in the styles as it’s a bit jarring to read.

    The second one I just had to give up to 2DT because he’s my favorite blogger in the sphere. That said, GPR does have some fantastic posts, such as the one on KyoAni shows.

  7. Open Your Mind won simply because it didn’t give me a headache looking at the front page.

    GPR Vs 2-DT was much more difficult. GPR is a blog I used to read regularly, 2-DT I’ve only discovered and loved recently… just went with nostalgia.

  8. Hyper Parfait’s design is the antithesis of everything I stand for, but I’ll give her the vote based on content.

    I really want to like 2DT, but somehow he has yet to write on a topic I find interesting. For now, the vote goes to Omisyth.

  9. Hyper Parfait…the stubborn popup and design hurt, but it looks like an interesting blog in general.
    I can’t stand sergi’s banner on Open Your Mind, but I do read the blog, so…*click*

    Second one was a no-brainer. Omisyth’s blog is one of those old ones that everyone seems to know, but I haven’t read any of it until recently, while I already know I love 2DT. Soooooo~

  10. Hey, thought you should know that your polls permit multiple votes. It’d be very easy to manipulate results because of that.

    • I tried to vote twice as a test, and it wouldn’t allow me to the second time.

      Did you actually test it and manage a second vote or are you just judging from their appearance?

    • hahaha as i say that (right after i look at the first person) i notice that all 4 blogs here today like K-On.

      Note to self: never read any of these blogs

  11. 2DT is among the tops of my blogroll. In fact, that blog is one of the best editorial blogs around.
    Grand Punk Railroad is a really good blog as well from the few posts I’ve read today. I have not read enough of his posts though.
    My vote is again somewhat biased just because I follow 2DT closer than GPR, but I guess that’s just the nature of using a popular vote.

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  13. Open Your Mind – (couldn’t take the Hyper Shoujoness of Hyper Parfait, although I may be back to it, and regret my vote…..I think I vote too soon, from now on, I wait 2 days so that I can get to know the blogs I don’t know)

    Grand Punk Railroad – It’s going to lose anyway so I might as well, and back when Omisyth posted I enjoyed GPR a lot. Plus he’s English. For the record, I like 2DT a lot, and this was a tough one.

    The end. I’m tired.

  14. I think Hyper Parfait is a bad blog. I think Open Your Mind is a decent blog. Easy pick for me.

    Omisyth certainly posts some entertaining things, but in the end I went with 2-D Teleidoscope. 2DT is just so damn good at what he does. I think it’s because he’s a teacher. That’s kind of unfair.

    Also, Omisyth is a zombie. He’s risen from the blogger grave and has been posting some moldy content as of late.

    • I don’t exactly understand what moldy content is but somehow that sounds right o_o
      (or maybe it’s because I often post moldy content myself XP)

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