Round 1 Match 3 and 4

Polls Closed

Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog 73% vs 27% wat you say

Paper Flower 64% vs 36% Lower Mid-Table

Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog and Paper Flower proceed to the next round

Tomorrow: Open Your Mind vs Hyper Parfait and Grand Punk Railroad vs 2-D Teleidoscope

33 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 3 and 4

  1. Went for Hanners’ Anime Blog continuing my inexplicably blatant European bias.

    Then, because the first rule of popularity contests is that voting for yourself is not cool, I went with the first of a flood of votes for Paper Flower.

  2. Your link to Hanner’s above the link was broken for me. It had a few extra characters at the end that were causing me to get a “page not found” error. It was easy to just change it on my end but…just letting you know.

  3. Heh, it’s still early, but the contest I thought was, in my opinion, the hard decision is currently the blowout, and the one I thought was a no brainier is the (relatively) close one. Shows how much my thoughts line up with everyone else’s lol.

  4. The pixiv-thing is a bit of a let-down, but Paper Flower has an appealing soft design with a great choice of pictures. Quite a contrast with the Lower Mid-Table, but I guess that’s kind of the point of being lower mid-table.

    • Absolutely right about that. Function over style is about all I can do and still have it fit in with the name of the blog. Any effort on something appealing would just cause the whole thing to fail.

  5. I did my reading up on these blogs last night in prep and came to my conclusions rather easily.

    I hate episodic blogs. I’d go so far as to say they might even disgust me. I am not saying that I hate episodic posts – on the contrary, I have read some excellent episodic posts in my day, but almost none of them came from episodic blogs. And you know why?

    Because episodic blogs don’t say anything. They look at an episode, and then they talk about the general impressions that they got from the episode. There are literally only two ways to respond to these posts – ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ – Because everyone’s going to have their own experience of the episode. Everyone has their scenes they like and don’t like, everyone has their impressions, and therefor people will formulate their own opinions about an anime episode. What you say doesn’t matter because it has no bearing on the way that someone else feels about, thinks about, or responds to an episode. You aren’t going to suddenly make people like or dislike the episodes or scenes or characters or shows the way that you do. The most you can do is affirm that, yes, someone else likes these moments, or that, no, not everyone likes these moments, eps, etc.

    If you are going to write an episodic post, then you need to provide content. You need to give people a reason to care. You need to bring out something in the episode that people might not have been able to find on their own. Whether it’s looking at it from another angle or providing a new perspective or tying it into something else, the way that you make other people give a damn about you talking about an anime is by providing them with something that they couldn’t get from watching the god damn episode all by themselves.

    By this logic, I feel no reason to read Hanners or wat u say, because when I read a few posts by either one, I gained nothing. wat u say likes Saki. I like Saki. Hanners doesn’t like Kanokon – I like Kanokon. None of that matters! I gain nothing by knowing that I do or don’t agree! I almost decided to vote for what u say just because i felt it had more personality than hanners. It isn’t the more polished of the two blogs, but I like the author’s general attitude and taste. But really, that doesn’t justify giving him the right to advance in this tournament. Therefor I abstained from the vote altogether.

    I didn’t read enough lower mid-table to find out if it did episodic blogging right or not, because I couldn’t find any posts about shows I’d actually seen on the first few pages, so I voted for my good friend mefloraine whom I may disagree with a lot of the time, but whom I respect for running one of the more unique blogs in the sphere.

    I hope that no one takes offense to any of the statements in this comment, as it isn’t my intent to bash on you – obviously there’s a crowd for episodic blogs out there or else you guys wouldn’t be around, but for me, personally, that shit just doesn’t cut it.

    • I’d guess my approach to episodic blogging would be a long form summary of events with commentary on parts of the episode I found interesting or how things tie into anything else I can think of. Whether that is the wrong approach to episodic blogging or not is one’s opinion. I also continue to try doing non-episodic blogging, but those never get any comments, so I assume that means I suck at it.

    • This assumes that people watch everything. They don’t. Episodic blogs are generally of most value to people who aren’t watching a series and want a general impression of it. But even then, the good episodics will offer insight that a lot of people watching the show may miss.

      You should read Hanners’ series on Allison & Lillia. It’s a crap anime, and Hanners was meticulous in highlighting the plot holes and logic flaws, and picked up on tonnes that even I missed. If anyone were to ask me “what was wrong with Allison & Lillia”, it’s very easy for me to say “read Hanners’ blog”, because he’s gone and kept a record of it. I agree that there are way too many episodic blogs, but some are valuable, and Hanners is one of the best at what he does.

      • And why can that not be taken care of in a perfectly fine season review which would be easier to understand because it doesn’t require any knowledge of individual episodes? Isn’t the entire fucking point of reviews that people looking for thoughts on a show read them?

      • If I had to wait until the end of the series to talk about it with other viewers, then the moment of excitement would be gone.

        An episodic post organizes the discussion on a few key points. Different bloggers will focus on different points/will catch on different things which makes reading them worthwhile for me. I had a lot of fun following Bakemonogatari while reading Hanners, who posts earlier than I do.

        The show was so rich that it was impossible to catch everything, such that bloggers who try (The Deathseeker) never finished blogging the series — falling behind after maybe 5 eps and never really catching up.

        I disagree with Sorrow about reading episodics while on the fence about shows. He is correct though, if we limit things to the beginning of the series. But after 3 eps the readers of the posts are those who are already followers of the show. They try to confirm or validate their own compressions, sometimes wondering whether to drop the show or go on. This I think, is very useful.

  6. The close contests and the differing opinions of commenters really reinforce the usefulness of this tournament. Just because an individual reader thinks it’s just a popularity contest with a easily predicted winner doesn’t mean that the tournament will play out that way.

  7. Heck yeah, Paper Flower!
    Go show the world that art blogs aren’t just junk and crap!

    Tomorrow’s gonna be a tough one for me. Grand Punk Railroad and 2-D Teleidoscope are two of my favorite blogs…

  8. Since I havent visited any of these blogs before I spent a while reading posts on each site before voting.

    Voted for Hanners as it appealed to my tastes more than wat you say. Then voted for lower mid table as those Giant Killing posts were really interesting – I have more of an interest in that than in Paper Flower’s art based posts (although its a really nice blog with some well put together posts).

  9. I really like both Hanner’s and wat u says style of episodic. Wat gets a little bit of an edge for me just for blogging some oddball series no one else would like Mayoi Neko Run and throwing in off color comments. That being said I followed Hanner’s back in the day when he was the only person blogging about Viper’s Creed. Which was an okay show.

    As for Mefloraine and Lower Mid Table. I gave it to the underdog but it really could have gone either way. I’ve visited mefloraine’s blog on the occasion when it’s linked from Digitalboy’s posts but I’ve never been up on the art scene and I only recently got a pixiv account. I fail at moonrunes. Lower Mid-table has in-depth discussion about LoGH and that’s a big plus in my book since I’m currently watching it as well.

    Generally tough decisions on both accounts.

  10. wat u say is clearly a more manly site… and my votes are solely based on manliness. (in an aniblog tourney thats a tall order i know)

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