Round 1 Match 1 and 2

Polls Closed

Loli Salad 39% vs 61% Calamitous Intent

The Cart Driver 54% vs 46% Sekijitsu

Calamitious Intent and The Cart Driver proceed to the next round

Tomorrow: Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog vs wat you say and Paper Flower vs Lower Mid-Table

49 thoughts on “Round 1 Match 1 and 2

    • 3 goals in ten minutes. And I was worried they would give us a worry for the last three games… (yes, I’m a Chelsea fan for about ten years now)

  1. Sadly, neither Loli Salad nor Calamitous intents have much relevant to my interests. I weighed the options and I lean to Calamitous because I know Sakura and she’s really cool… that’s a lame justification to vote for calamitous, though. But then I also noticed that Calamitous posts far more often than Loli Salad, which posts pretty rarely. I consider productivity important, so I’m voting Calamitous.

    As for the other match, it’s tough, especially because I like Bass a lot and he’s a great commenter on my site – that said, I’ve read almost zero of his posts. Although I don’t read the Cart Driver either – however, I have read a couple of posts on it that I really liked in the past few months. on both sites there was nothing on the first few pages that caught my eye. Sekijitsu is a bit of an overdesigned site, which stands right on the border of ‘cool looking’ and ‘hard to navigate’ and leans a bit right. I like the look of the cart driver, though. I also like the attitude of the about page. I think Bass has potential as a blogger, but I think 5camp is already a pretty good blogger (plus he made this badass tournament!) therefor, I’ll be voting for The Cart Driver.

  2. Hmm…
    I decided to rock the vote with Sekijitsu and Cart. Sorry, Scamp but I felt sorry for Sekijitsu so sympathy vote.
    Calamitous Intent posts more, the blog design is good, and I don’t have time to read the posts.

  3. This tourney already proved its worth to me in the very first round! I would never have bothered looking at Loli salad’s site, because the name makes it seem uninteresting to me, but when I checked it out for voting purposes, I found a lot of the content was actually about anime music. I like music so I thought that was pretty cool. Got a vote from me, and now I know not to avoid the site in the future.

  4. Tough matchups kind of.

    I don’t really read much of the first two (although I’m subscribed to Calamitous Intent, and do enjoy some of the posts there. I don’t really read much of Loli Salad (but that doesn’t mean it’s not good).

    I voted for one of them.

    Cart Driver all the way. Easy. Although Sekijitsu is a pretty cool site, and so I decided to subscribe to it. Feel honored, Sekijitsu. Fell honored.

    I’m getting a lot of new blogs here to subscribe to! (which for me is kind of the whole point).

    Btw, what happens in the event of a tie?

  5. I’d never heard of loli salad but I had heard of calamitousintents. I went to both sites and while both had fine designs the content of loli salad’s was a lot more interesting to me. I took great delight reading the Exit Trance reviews and comparing them to my own opinion. Really a very unique blog for its extra focus on doujin music, a category I knew very little of.

    My other vote went to Cart Driver. I’ve only recently started reading scamp but I enjoy his posts. I’m on a slightly older machine and sekijitsu is a little overproduced for me. My laptop had a bit of a long load time. Absolutely nothing wrong with the content. Accessibility and design were my major beefs.

  6. For the first vote, I went for Calamitous Intent. They both had some unique things to offer for someone who traditionally only reads about anime material, so it felt like a coin flip for me. CI edged it out with its better update schedule.

    Second vote went to The Cart Driver. Obviously I read it, but Sekijutsu provides well written content. Unfortunately, it also slows down my browser window. It’s a cool site design, but it’s very process intensive, and right now that’s still a negative. Blogs need to strive for both form and function.

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  8. Wow surprisingly close matches – could go either way!

    I went for Calamitous Intent in the 1st poll as their posts appealed to me more when I checked the blogs out, and have a better update rate.

    Went with The Cart Driver for the 2nd poll, as its one of the blogs I read most (also need to vote for my fellow countryman!). Sekijitsu is a pretty impressive looking site, but the long loading time and slightly overwhelming layout was a bit of a downer – reasonable content though.

  9. Close match between The Cart Driver and Sekijitsu.

    Sekijitsu definitely has an edge in the layout department using a professional yet artistic theme.
    On the other hand, Cart Driver has good posts.

    In the other poll, I’ve never visited Loli Salad, which probably biased my vote.

    This is kind of exciting.

  10. Though the graphic layout of Sekijitsu hurts my eyes and is hard to navigate, i actually like the content. It has extensive information but is easy to read. So I gave my sympathy vote because it’s kinda sad to see it fall in the first round.
    Too hard for a first round though. Any way this turns out will be a loss for the tourney.

  11. For the first round, I went with Calamitous Intent, simply because it looked much better, and the content of the blog was better quality.

    Cart Driver was my other vote because although both sites look very good, you have to give 5camp credit for putting it all together. Plus, he was once my fellow co-writer and he’s got a very fun blog to read.

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