A link embeded tourney bracket and dates of upcoming matches

A big thanks to Josh for making this, here is a proper tourney bracket with links you can click on to reach the sites in question.

There were also those of you asking for dates for when each match-up starts. I can only give you the dates for the first 32 matches because we’ll have to review the process before beginning the second round. Also, there’s bound to be some problem that will delay a match up. For now though, here’s the dates for the first 32 matches. All the dates can also be found on the ‘dates’ page on the sidebar.

19 Apr Loli Salad vs Calamitous Intent and The Cart Driver vs Sekijitsu

20 Apr Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog vs wat you say and Paper Flower vs Lower Mid-Table

21 Apr Open Your Mind vs Hyper Parfait and (to be announced) vs 2-D Teleidoscope

22 Apr A Product of Wasted Time vs chaostangent and 見ないで! ひとり言 vs Caraniel’s Ramblings

23 Apr Just as planned vs Moe Check! and Rainbowsphere vs JanaiBlog

24 Apr Canne’s anime review blog vs Colony Drop and Beta-Waffle vs bananaMuffin

25 Apr Black and Blue Socks vs Major Arcana and Daijoubu vs Mecha Guignol

26 Apr Ani-Gamers vs Anime Full Circle and Anime Instrumentality vs Kita ze Inbou

27 Apr Behind the Nihon Review vs Chocolate Syrupy Waffles Blog and Listless Ink vs Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom!!

28 Apr AstroNerdBoy vs ěk-sěn’trĭk and GAR GAR Stegosaurus vs Project Saber

29 Apr Blue Blue Wave vs Fuzakenna and Metanorn vs Oishii Anime

30 Apr Kojioe vs Gelotaku9 and ∑Xce7ion vs Baden Baden Lily

1 May _____ism vs Shit Storm and Astrobunny vs Anime Void

2 May Memories of Eternity vs Oballer’s Blog and Eye Sedso vs Densetsu no Shounen A

3 May Unmei Kaihen vs Continuing World and (to be announced) vs bad luck party

4 May We Love Maids vs Desu ex Machina and Chikorita157’s Anime Blog vs Anime Princess

First round begins today.


7 thoughts on “A link embeded tourney bracket and dates of upcoming matches

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  2. Just one question. I wanted to add when the voting closed whenever you clicked the contest information (which will be the voting start date). You say polls will stay open for a week, but does that mean, for example that, for the 2 polls that start today (4/19), you will close them sometime in the morning next Monday (4/26) or sometime Sunday afternoon or evening (4/25). I was kind of assuming Sunday, but I wanted to make sure I got it right.

    • When I say ‘closed’ I simply clicked the button that says ‘close poll after 1 week’ on the poll creator thing. That should mean they close exactly one week afterwards. However I don’t fully trust these polls to do what they’re told so if there’s trouble in some form or another then assume that they’re closed after 6 and a bit days because then it will have to be done manually

  3. Near the bottom of the schedule you mean “May” right? Or are we all time traveling to cast votes?

    Interesting that you stagger the matchups by days and auto-end a week later. Why not start them all at the same time and let them go for say, 2 weeks, so you can catch all the hijinks up front and start the next round at the same time.

  4. The schedule should read “May” instead of “Mar”.

    The bracket looks good. Could you please correct the name of my blog? It is Kitsune’s Thoughts, not Celestial Kitsune. Thank you.

    • I don’t know that we can change that bracket. Just Josh can? Though your blog name is correct in the post for your round, at least. I thought it was odd that it was written that way in the bracket when I was writing the posts this morning.

      Changed the months, thanks.

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