Welcome to the Aniblog Tourney

Hello and Welcome to the Aniblog Tourney.

Over the course of the next three-ish months anime blogs from across the internet will compete for the top spot, decided by the readers of these blogs themselves.

Right, let me explain. This is a straight knock-out contest, similar to Saimoe (or the World Cup but I thought I’d keep to anime related matters for those who go ‘ewww, sports’). Two blogs are pitched against each other and the winner is decided by a popular vote. The bloggers themselves don’t have to do anything. The criteria on which you should decide the winner is which would you prefer to read. If you could only read one or the other, which would it be. Try to pick the blog based on the content of the blog itself, not because you know the person in real life or on IRC or twitter or whatever.Β  Voting is done by a poll and each poll stays open for a week.

Why are we doing this? Now I know many people will just scoff at this reasoning, but the main reason is for fun. The prospect of seeing a match up like Omonomono vs Fuzakenna or Unmei Kaihen vs Continuing World is intriguing to say the least. The other reason for holding this tourney is it should draw attention to good anime blogs that aren’t maybe getting the attention they deserve. You’ll see in the tourney bracket down below that the top 32 blogs get a bye in the first round which should help the other blogs not get drawn against a giant in the very first round and therefore hopefully increasing their exposure.

Anywho, here’s the Tourney Bracket and I’ll hand you over to RP who drew it up.

So why 96 blogs?

Ideally, any tourney like this is should follow a base of 2 (e.g., 16, 32, 64, 128). Otherwise you get this weird issue with play-in rounds, like we have with our tourney of 96. But it was too tough to cut down to 64 blogs. Too many deserving blogs that wouldn’t have made the cut. But on the flip side, 128 would’ve made the tourney considerably longer (it’s already probably going to take about 2 months to finish) and it would’ve been a lot tougher to manage. Plus, we have no idea whether there’ll be any enthusiasm for this tourney yet. So creating a massive tourney with 7 rounds felt like overkill. Thus, the magic number of 96. If it turns out the tourney’s a big success, then there’s a good chance we’ll go for the full gusto and 128 blogs in the next tourney.

How did you choose these 96 blogs?

So here’s the types of blogs that weren’t picked: news blogs, figma blogs, meta blogs and manga-centric blogs. We wanted the tourney to focus on blogs that were anime-related. We also wanted active blogs. Any blogs that were on hiatus or retired at the time also didn’t make the cut. If there was no formal hiatus/retirement announcement, but not very many recent posts, it also was not picked.

Why isn’t my %$^&ing blog in the list of 96?

Sadly there were definitely some good blogs that we realize aren’t on this list, and probably plenty of other blogs out there for consideration that we just weren’t aware of. If you’d like to be considered in a future tourney, leave a comment, and keep on doing what you’re doing.

How did you rank the blogs?

So the rank system is actually fairly objective. The biggest factor was blog age. Basically, the longer a blog was around, the more points they got. Blog age was determined by checking out the first post in their archives. We didn’t go beyond the current blog. So if a blog had a long history, but changed its name, URL, whatever, and never moved those old posts over to their current blog, we didn’t take those into account. The other factors were animeblips ranking and google ranking for “anime blog.” This was probably the most objective method we could think of (and a lot less opaque compared to the BCS ranking system), but we also realize it’s not a perfect ranking system. So if you have any suggestions for future tourneys, feel free to leave a comment.

94 thoughts on “Welcome to the Aniblog Tourney

  1. What if I like some of the authors at THAT, but not the entire blog itself? Same with Seaslugs or Anime Instrumentality. I would automatically vote for the single-author blog (e.g., moe sucks) over team blog (jp/hinano) due to this methodological confusion. I like Executive Otaku’s posts but have never tried to read a tl;dr Crusader rant. SooooOoooO confused~

    • What if you follow an episodic blog for only one of the series they’re blogging? For example, the only reason I ever read Crystal Tokyo was for his Sora no Woto posts. Does that mean I automatically vote for an editorial blog over it every time? Nope, and the same logic applies to team blogs.

      Well, not quite the same logic but hopefully you’ll get what I mean

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  3. Moe Sucks is a team blog, isn’t it? Just that E Minor posted more often than the other authors.

    Anyway, as long as people aren’t too over-the-top/embarrassing about it, it’s probably cool to do some light campaigning, right? The tourney is just for fun, of course, but we all would like more readers. It would probably be beneficial for authors to provide examples of their “best” posts — can’t expect everyone to comb through the complete archives of 96 bloggers, after all.

    • Yup, campaigning is cool. If you know you’ll get a sudden influx of visitors you’ll want to leave a good impression. Think about it, if these new visitors visit your blog and see awesome posts they might keep coming back, which is the main aim of this tourney realised!

      So yeah, knock yourself out and campaign

  4. FFFFFUUUU, we somehow missed out moesucks. I mean, I know it was inevitable that we’d miss out on some big names but it’s still a blow to the pride

  5. Wow, sounds exciting. Thanks for adding my blog.

    Any idea yet when voting will start and how much time there will be to vote on each match-up? And is it okay if we ask our visitors to vote for our blog?

    I agree with Shinmaru that it would be cool if we could direct people to some of our better posts. Of course, the drawback could be that if we only show them our good posts when we have a lot of not so good ones, it might give them the wrong impression.

    • The voting will start in two days time. There will be two rounds per day (aka: 4 blogs in one day spotlighted) and each poll will be open for a week. I’ll put up a post tomorrow explaining the voting process

  6. I’m pleased to have qualified despite the fact I’ve plugged away for 18 months without an audience of more than 3 people. Getting knocked off in the qualifying round with the lowest number of votes is about what I expect.

  7. Cool… I’m in it. Anyways, it’s a pretty interesting idea… something that haven’t been tried in the AniBlogosophere… should be pretty interesting on how this all plays out. :p

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  9. I like the idea of the bye to give younger blogs a chance to advance without drawing an established blog in the first round. Good work getting this up, and how did you make the chart?

  10. LMAO I can’t believe my blog is in this. We’re only two and a half months old and we’re pretty much manga-centric (other than Durarara and some new posts).

    Oh well, hopefully I’ll stand a higher chance in the next tournie πŸ˜€

  11. Thank God for this. I’ve been waiting for somebody to do this since the OEG came around and I made that post bashing other bloggers. I didn’t want to make something like this myself because I’m too noob (look at my reputation, hurr hurr), so thanks a million to Scamp, RP, and anybody else in on this.

    On another note, I’m currently not at home and on my phone so I can’t tell if Mikotoism is listed. Of course, I’m confident that I’ll win, but I’m not so sure. Maybe? Probably? Sometimes.

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  13. Google ranking for anime blog? Many blogs are using search engine optimization while others have loyal readers, but poor search engine rankings because they don’t spam “anime blog” left and right on their pages. Some blogs link build but it doesn’t mean they are liked or popular. Anime Blips is…mainly read by bloggers and not readers?

    • Actually, SEO isn’t such a decisive factor. I hardly use any of it, and yet I get a lot of hits from google.

      In any case, this is an interesting idea. Good luck with it. πŸ˜‰

    • Link building within the aniblogosphere is generally a circle jerk so the value is limited. I also doubt many, if any, blogs are optimizing for “anime blog.” More likely, blogs based on content and link structures tend to rank better for specific terms (e.g., Full Metal Alchemist episode 12 review).

      It’s not perfect, and if you have any good suggestions we’d happily consider them in the future. This was something just to get the ball rolling.

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  15. Ok I’ve got to admit this is pretty cool. Was interesting to take a look at all the blogs taking part of this. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Plus just pretty honored to be part of this and having a good ranked position going in.

    Should be fun.

  16. being pitted against the Nihon review is like putting a snowball in an over.

    In this case, CSW is the snowball and Nihon Review is the oven. You know how that’ll turn out. >_<


    Ah well. I got my money on Random C winning this year.

  17. hmm interesting idea, but great one nonetheless.
    Let’s see Bokutachi’s run… kurogane… random curiosity.

    LOL I’ll be impressed if I get past kurogane. XD

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  20. B-but I’m not moe enough to be here! Although a few times I do get that. Since I’m already in this tournament, might as well as be part of it. No harm in that. Also by nature I’m one that likes to see how things play out.

    I’m still not sure how we can compare blogs with different content (at least near the finals). While one may appeals to someone another one won’t. Not because of the quality but because of the nature of it. For example, even though they may be both enjoyable, we can’t compare RC and Blogsuki due to the writing styles and very different goals the authors have in mind.

    So are bloggers only voting? I might’ve missed that.

    • When people say ‘apples and oranges’, I’d say I prefer oranges. Yeah it’s hard to compare things that aren’t like for like (imagine what it would have been like trying to compare an episodic blog to a news blog) but at the very basic level it’s just ‘which, if you had to choose either one or the other, would you choose to read’.

      No, we definately need more than just bloggers voting. If it’s just bloggers than that’s this tourney is a miserable failure

  21. Thanks for including us in the games, and as second rounders. I realize that was determined by age, but still it’s a nice feeling! I’m looking forward to reading a whole bunch of new blogs because of this as well.


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  26. Ah, didn’t know my blog was included/nominated for this tournament.

    While I’m not sure about the idea of having some sort of competition between blogs, the added aspect of introducing a lot of different blogs to people by using this method is interesting.

    Thanks to all the people who actually voted for and everyone that does read my blog. Hope you will continue to enjoy reading it. ^^

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  30. Strange I didn’t see blogsuki, the successor to Derailed By Darry. Of course, I always felt it might of been a little too sarcastic and filled with basketball for some peoples taste. Still, I enjoyed watching him blog on Code Geass.

  31. My blog is too new and still in the embryonic stage to compete in something like this. I’ll look forward to watching how this plays out anyway.

  32. Howow, somehow I ended up on this. That’s not my dubious vision playing tricks on me again, right? My blog hasn’t even been around any good amount of time x.x
    I’ll have to thank you guys for including me; though it’s only a matter of how I’m annihilated, I think it’ll be an enriching experience. Anticipating seeing that final battle of titans.

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