Round 1 Matches 53-56

Lost in America vs She’s Lost Control

World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko vs Anipulse

Lower Mid-Table vs Organisational Anti-Social Geniuses

Otaku Champloo vs YumeState

Round 1 Matches 49-52

WanAbrar vs Behind the Nihon Review

Silence is Golden vs Anime Strip

Anime Evo vs Shades of Grey

Mecha Guignol vs Daifuuku Anime Blog

Round 1 Matches 45-48

A Product of Wasted Time vs Spark Blog

The Untold Story of Altair & Vega vs One Minute of Dusk

The Neighbours Club vs The Otaku HQ

Abandoned Factory Anime Review vs Mon0r

Round 1 Matches 41-44

Lemmas and Submodalities vs Interests of a Psychopath

Riyoga’s Ramblings vs Marth’s Anime Blog

Oishii Anime vs Seventh Style

In the event of a draw, both blogs advance to the next round to compete in a 3-way tie

All About Manga vs Illogicalzen

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Round 1 Matches 37-40

Continuing World vs Ashita no Anime

Manga Widget vs Yaranakya

Empty Blue vs Otakuness Anime Reviews

Kuriousity vs The Anime/Manga Harem Brigade

Round 1 Matches 33-36

Kritik der Animationskraft vs New Anime Thursday

The Manga Critic vs Prede’s Anime Reviews

Forty-Four Fennecs vs Just as Planned

Yuri no Boke vs Terminal Anime

Round 1 Matches 29-32

Super Fanicom BS-X vs Assorted Explorations

Temporal Vortex vs Love the Machine vs Angry Anime Bitches

Kidd’s Anime Blog vs AniRecs Anime Blog

Round 1 Matches 25-28

Anime Anthology vs Emory Anime Club

the beautiful world vs Shinde Iie Anime Blog

Anime B&B vs Anipages

Trzr23 vs Traveler on Revenge

Round 1 Matches 21-24

Loli Salad vs Manga Report

LuRa’s Anime Blog vs Moe Fundamentalism

CSW Anime Blog vs Sekijitsu

Due to multiple attempts at manipulating and rigging of the polls, both before the polls were officially open and after, in favor of CSW by one or multiple members of the CSW writing team, combined with their subsequent reaction, CSW is disqualified from the tourney. Sekijitsu will progress to the next round.

Clanrain vs Anime Viking

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Round 1 Matches 17-20

Ambivalence , or is it ambiguity? vs Hachimitsu

Shonen Beam vs Sequential Ink

Bokutachi no Blog vs The G-Empire

Maserbeamdotcom vs The Check-in Station